THE FAULT IN OUR STARS: quotes (inspired by)

You know when you’re really young. Like really young, and you’re playing on the playground and when other kids are mean to you, the advice most teachers give you is “always be yourself.” and that’s kind of hard to understand, even now. I think most people think their identity is what they wear or who they sit with at lunch and things like that. But I think, what makes you, you is how you treat people. So just, be nice to people.

“We took turns shoving cake in each other’s faces; Edward manfully swallowed his portion as I watched in disbelief. I threw my bouquet with atypical skill, right into Angela’s surprised hands. Emmett and Jasper howled with laughter at my blush while Edward removed my borrowed garter- which I’d shimmed down nearly to my ankle- very carefully with his teeth. With a quick wink at me, he shot it straight into Mike Newton’s face.”

Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn (via quotesfromthetwilightsaga)


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